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Hey Smut Gremlin (aka Emerald), I am an Adult Webmaster
and I want to be listed on your link list!

I am ready to submit my site... whats next?

First read the RULES below...


No Warning Page

No Recip Link

Illegal Content (beastiality, child porn, scat, non licenced pics)

Too many outgoing links per page

Misleading Enter links, or Blind Links

Consoles, pop up ads, enter/exit pops

Full page ads before galleries or main page

Content on your site is not on the same URL you submited

The content your using is the same I have seen over and over (sponsor content)

Cookie Cutter Sites & auto submitted

If your site scrolls right (make site to fit 800x600 resolution)

1: No Sites on a Free Hosts (of any kind) Accepted

2: Your site must consist of the following: A warning page, minimum of 20 easy to locate free pictures, my recip link. Basically this means your site must be at least 3 pages long. I don't accept one page thumbnail galleries.

  • minimum of 20 pics (and minimum of 10 pics per page/gallery)
  • No more than 3 sponsor banners/links per page (this means ANY outgoing links, including links to your own sites/hubs)
  • Warning page without misleading "enter" links (Must have a warning on page)
  • Site must not scroll to the right when viewing at 800x600 resolution

Reasons why your site WONT get listed:--------------->>

  1. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF...You don't give me a valid reciprocal link in a GOOD spot --I don't want it under the enter button, not stuck in the middle of 30 other buttons and/or other links, and no "link" pages (link sites excluded from this rule)
  2. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF...Your free site has consoles, popup windows.(enter or exit).
  3. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF...You have full page ads before the content. Partial ads with the galleries above or underneath is acceptable. Or have the galleries first then either a link to the full page ad or under the galleries.
  4. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF...You're site is full of blind and misleading links, pictures that go to sponsors (pretending to be thumbs), Misleading ENTER HERE is a NO NO.
  5. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF...The content your promoting is NOT on the same URL as you submitted. (this sounds easy enough, however you would not believe how many sites submit a valid domain and have their pics & movies on a free host)
  6. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF...Your site promotes Passwords, warez, ch*ld porn, hate sites or religion bashing- this includes links to the above mentioned- NO exceptions!!!
  7. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF...Your site is a circle Jerk, banner farm, mousetrap etc.!
  8. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF...You use a text link instead of my recip table and its the same colour as the background - Especially the "visited link" colour! If I go back to the site and I don't see my text link I will delete you promptly.
  9. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF ...You havent bothered to make sure you are using the correct recip table which were updated October 2005 - and make sure you submit it to the correct category (pictures must match the category you chose to submit to)
  10. YOU WONT GET LISTED IF... You obviously havent read my rules.
  • I reserve the right to delete any site after it gets listed if any of the above rules have been broken. I DO manually go thru my links on a regular basis and I run a Link Bot weekly. Any sites re-directing will be deleted and banned without notice.


    Clean Site - no consoles, no illegal content, no free host

    You have a minimum of 20 easy to locate free pics

    You have a minimum of 2 galleries (10 pics each min)

    You have no more than 3 outgoing links per page - this means to sponsors, your hubs, your friends pages etc.

    The warning page must have no misleading "enter" links

    Not a cookie-cutter

    Not auto-submitted

    Content is fresh (sick of sponsor content)

    I like your Site